About us

Factory of Daily Recipe Industries (M) Sdn. Bhd. was established on 1st October 2002.
Benitorr is the new sales & marketing company. Our company has more than
10 years experience in this industry.

We are specialized in formulating, manufacturing of coffee, tea & chocolate beverages.



  • To supply our beverages to cafe outlets with the top quality beverages (with good prices). “Your Cafe Partner”
    makes all the outlets with good margins & quality to bring up image of their outlets.
  • To supply coffee machine to cafe.
  • To supply coffee vending machine to small restaurant, bank, factory to simplify the coffee making.
  • To supply ice blender to make ice blended beverages.

All our Coffee, Tea & Chocolate premixed powder are different from others due to our single products can
make 3 kinds of beverages (Hot, Iced and Ice Blended)

  • save time & cost
  • only 1 type of powder makes 3 types of serving